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Hotel Major Development Plan Approved

On Thursday 13 February 2014, the Hon Warren Truss MP, Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development, approved the Hotel Major Development Plan.

To view the Hotel Major Development Plan, click here.

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Building Applications

Below are the current building applications submitted by Canberra Airport to the Canberra Airport Building Controller in compliance with Airports (Building Control) Amendment Regulations 2010 (no.1).

If you have any inquiries about any building applications listed below, please contact


Application CBR014/B016

 Application Date   :  5 December 2014
 Precinct                 :  Airside
 Proposed Works   :  Aviation Infrastructure
 Approval Date       : 

Application CBR014/B017

 Application Date   :  2 December 2014
 Precinct                  :  Fairbairn
 Proposed Works   :  Services Upgrade
 Approval Date       :