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Light Rail

Connecting Canberra by Light Rail

As Canberra’s population increases, one in three new residents will opt to live in the centre of the city. Within the next 10 years, nearly 100,000 people are predicted to commute to and from work in the heart of Canberra. In addition to this doubling of workers, there will be visitors arriving on direct international flights and global events with the proposed Australia Forum and new Convention facility.

With the City to the Lake project, the Griffin Legacy, East Lake development, Kingston Foreshore and numerous smaller developments being planned or underway around the lake, the number of people living in the ‘heart’ of Canberra will quadruple.

Meanwhile, more than 30,000 people currently travel to and from Canberra Airport to fly, greet, work, do business or shop, every day. These numbers will more than double within the next decade.

While staying true to Burley Griffin’s vision for a compact and productive city, our future transport system needs to support this growth efficiently and sustainably and give us more choice on how to get to and from where we live, work and play.

Canberra Airport believes it is timely to engage in further discussion about connecting the heart of Canberra by Light Rail. For more information, read Canberra Airport’s Light Rail Discussion Paper or download the Fact Sheet.