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Aircraft Noise

Canberra is a non-curfew airport with 24 hour operations which will increase significantly over time.  Not only will the number of planes per hour increase but they will be bigger aircraft and they will operate more at night as international and freight operations commence and grow.

There are several measures to describe aircraft noise including information about flight paths and single event noise contours.

737-800 noise footprint

787-800 noise footprint

N contours for Canberra Airport have been prepared in response to Guideline A of the National Airports Safeguarding Framework, Measures for Managing Impacts of Aircraft Noise. N contours are a representation of aircraft frequency (how often) and noise level.

These contours compare 2012 contours with airport capacity contours and therefore are a good representation of how noise will change over time as the airport becomes busier and aircraft frequencies increase.

N60 contour

N65 contour

N70 contour

The Canberra Airport Australian Noise Exposure Forecast (ANEF) illustrates noise levels based on noise insulation standards outlined in AS2021.  Unlike N contours the ANEF contours are not a reflection of noise experience, but rather are a set of contours based on an average of aircraft noise when the airport is at capacity.