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Aircraft Noise

Canberra Airport works with Airservices Australia to put in place extensive noise respite measures to minimise the impact on the community.  The most significant and effective measure is the long established noise abatement areas.

Jet aircraft flying within the noise abatement areas are not permitted to fly below 5,000ft above ground level and other aircraft are not permitted to fly below 3,000ft.  This protects 99.5 per cent of the houses in the Canberra and Queanbeyan community from direct over flight (other than for emergencies or thunderstorms).  As a result aircraft flight paths into and out of Canberra Airport are concentrated into the corridor between the Canberra noise abatement area and the Queanbeyan noise abatement area.

People who buy houses outside these noise abatement areas must inform themselves of the likely increased noise exposure and the future increase in flights.

Historical changes to operations at Canberra Airport to reduce the impact of aircraft noise on surrounding communities can be found in our Fact sheet.