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Aircraft Noise

In early 2006 Qantas introduced trial flight paths into Canberra Airport utilising new technology known as Required Navigation Performance (RNP) procedures also referred to as “Smart Tracking”.

The Qantas RNP approach from the south to Runway 35 curves around houses at Jerrabomberra providing a constant descent approach (CDA) which is substantially quieter and expends significantly less fuel than straight-in approaches. In 2007 Airservices produced a report showing reduced aircraft noise of 9-10 dB(A) at the Jerrabomberra Noise Monitoring Terminal during a single 737-800 RNP arrival event.

In 2013 Smart Tracking was implemented at Canberra Airport and is in use by aircraft fitted with the necessary navigation equipment.

Further information about Smart Tracking can be found on the Airservices website.