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Aircraft Noise

In late 2012 the NSW Government approved in part the rezoning of land at Tralee for residential development.  The decision was made that residential development will not be permitted at Tralee within the ANEF 20 contour, while development outside the ANEF 20 contour will require aircraft noise attenuation.  Further information about ANEF contours can be found in Describing aircraft noise.

All sales contracts for houses at Tralee will include the following legal clause:

This land is subjected to aircraft noise at any time by the 24 hour a day, 7 day a week passenger, freight and defence aircraft flight operations arriving and departing Canberra Airport.

The frequency of aircraft movements and the size of aircraft are forecast to increase indefinitely into the future.

It is the responsibility of landowners to noise attenuate their property to ensure their amenity as Canberra Airport will remain curfew free.

For information on the amount and frequency of noise at Tralee see Describing aircraft noise.

This information has been shared with:

Airservices Australia  Australian Airports Association Federal Minister for Transport

NSW Minister for Planning  ACT Chief Minister  Queanbeyan City Council