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Master Plan 2014

In accordance with the Airports Act 1996 and in consultation with the community and key airport stakeholders, the Canberra Airport 2014 Master Plan presents the vision for the Canberra Airport for the next 20 years. The Master Plan presents the planning for the Canberra Airport becoming:

Managing Director Stephen Byron said, “Almost 17 years ago, we set out with a vision to create the best small airport in the world. Our previous master plans in 1999, 2005 and 2009 outlined the approach needed to achieve that and we have invested heavily in delivering a national infrastructure asset of which the Canberra Region community can be justly proud. How this will benefit the 900,000 people living in the Capital Region cannot be underestimated and is not yet widely comprehended. International flights are the main thrust of our efforts to drive aviation growth and optimise the asset. It is in Australia’s national interest that our Capital City is directly connected with Asia.” We are passionate about opening doors for business in Canberra and the Region. To find out more about our focus to 2020, download the Canberra Airport “Your Airport, Your Opportunity” fact sheet.

Planning Coordination Forum

The Canberra Airport Planning Coordination Forum is held twice a year to discuss on-and off-airport strategic planning matters. The forum is attended by executive staff of Canberra Airport, ACT Government, Queanbeyan City Council, Planning NSW and the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development.

Canberra Airport’s Regional MarketCanberra Airport’s Regional Market. See Chapter 5 of the Master Plan for more information.