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Brindabella Business Park is a first-class energetic working environment located adjacent to Canberra’s new Airport Terminal.

The Park is unique in its development; with the same core team of architects, engineers, builders, landscapers and interior designers having worked on each successive building project resulting in consistency and continuity throughout the precinct.

Brindabella Business Park was designed with an extremely high level of amenity, culture, architectural design and cutting-edge sustainability. The aim was to create a sense of community and achieve that all important balance between work, health and lifestyle – we’ve achieved this and more.

Brindabella Business Park is now home to approximately 7,000 workers and 46 businesses, all residing in 19 A-grade commercial buildings totalling 100,000m² NLA. With a further 45,000m² either under construction or in the planning.

For more information visit the Brindabella Business Park website.