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Trans-Tasman Bubble – No Quarantine

Canberra Airport is proposing an incremental opening of the Trans-Tasman bubble with the first flights being between Canberra and Wellington (which are both COVID-19 free cities).

These flights would be the first flights where passengers would not be subject to the mandatory 14 day hotel quarantine.

We are inviting you to register your interest for flights from Canberra Airport to Wellington, or from Wellington to Canberra Airport.  Registration will ensure you are emailed with a booking link for these flights as soon as it is released.

The incremental approach will allow the early recommencement of travel between Australia and New Zealand and it will reunite families and friends who have been desperate to reconnect since the borders closed on 19 March 2020.  It is proposed that passengers will be able to travel from Wellington throughout New Zealand and that travellers arriving in Canberra will be able to travel to NSW and Victoria and any other Australian State that has reopened its borders.

Are you interested in travelling to Wellington from Canberra Airport, or to Canberra Airport from Wellington ? *

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