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Your safety is the highest priority at Canberra Airport.

Accordingly, a number of security measures have been implemented in line with aviation safety directives from the Australian Government.

These are some of the security initiatives that you may encounter:


When checking in, airline staff will query whether you have any hazardous items in your check-in or cabin baggage. Flammable goods, gas cylinders, acids and poisons are all considered hazardous and will not be allowed on the aircraft. These may include items such as lithium batteries, bleaches, paints and some aerosol containers. For more information on restrictions applicable to dangerous goods visit

Once checked in, your baggage will also be subject to security screening to identify  prohibited items.

Passenger screening

Before accessing the sterile area or departure gate lounge, you will be subject to a security screening process to check for items that are not permitted to be carried on the aircraft, either on your person or in cabin baggage. All cutting implements (such as knives, scissors, etc.) and sharp objects (metal cutlery, letter openers, razor blades etc.) are prohibited items in the aircraft cabin. These items may be carried in your checked-in baggage stored in the aircraft hold.

Beverage containers of any description (empty or otherwise) are not to be carried through the walkthrough metal detector for the purpose of screening and clearing. Only sealed containers (flask, thermos etc) may be submitted for x-ray screening. A beverage such as a coffee cup with lid does not constitute a sealed container as the liquid may cause damage to the x-ray apparatus.

We recommend valuable items are secured appropriately in your handbag before presenting for x-ray screening. Some passengers may also be selected for Explosive Trace Detection (ETD) screening.

For more information on travel security please visit


You will notice security signs and public address announcements requesting that you do not leave your baggage unattended at any time. Unattended baggage presents a security risk and may be disposed of by security personnel. Such incidents can cause disruption to airport operations which may also cause aircraft delays until the matter is resolved.

A number of security personnel from various agencies, are deployed around the airport to monitor operations. Some may be identifiable by uniform, some may not. You may also see detector dogs in operation around the airport.

Canberra Airport has an extensive closed circuit television (CCTV) system in operation, both within the terminal and car parks as well as surrounding outdoor areas. Your movements may be recorded for security purposes.


Private vehicles are not permitted to pick up passengers at the road kerb immediately outside the terminal. Vehicles may not park or ‘stand’ for extended periods while awaiting arriving passengers, or while carrying out any other function. Like unattended baggage, idle vehicles within close proximity to the terminal represent a potential security threat.

In contrast, vehicles dropping off passengers at the terminal are not usually idle and may be permitted to drop off passengers provided the vehicle does not ‘stand’. However, any vehicle deemed to be idle may be moved on by security personnel.

To minimise any inconvenience to passengers resulting from these restrictions, vehicles merely picking up passengers (and/or requiring a short period of time within close proximity to the terminal) may park in the Free 10 minute passenger pick up bays in the ‘Yellow’ and ‘Red’ open air car parks