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The New Terminal

Over the period 2009-2014, Canberra Airport invested more than $500 million on a complete redevelopment of its terminal precinct.

This redevelopment, termed ‘AirVolution’, was the largest private sector investment in Canberra’s history and delivered a world-class terminal right here in our nation’s capital.

Canberra Airport’s AirVolution comprised of four elements:

1. Roads

A new, two-level, dual-lane, axial road system forms the new entry and exit road to the terminal. Just outside the airport boundary, Pialligo Avenue was also duplicated and connected to this entry road using an overpass system allowing for an undisrupted flow of traffic.

2. Car parks

Five new car parks were constructed, providing a total of 3,700 car spaces including two multi-storey structures that feature state-of-the-art parking guidance systems that allow lost vehicles to be located.

3. Aprons

This included the development of four new aircraft parking positions plus the gradual reconstruction of the entire aircraft parking apron to increase its bearing strength allowing for use by larger aircraft.

4. Terminal

The staged construction of a new 55,000m2 terminal building providing for:

These four highly integrated elements together form Canberra Airport’s AirVolution, a project aimed at delivering a terminal that is the best of its kind in the region, if not the world.

As part of making the passenger experience at Canberra Airport as pleasurable as possible, we set out to not only create a functional and efficient terminal but one that is a place of interest, a place for social interaction and a place of calm in what might be an otherwise stressful or emotional journey.

This is seen in the detail and scale of the landscaped areas, the stunning water features and world-class sculptures that adorn the roadside, courtyards and terminal building itself.

The integrity of the planning, style of architecture and attention to detail in construction finish have been matched with quality inclusions across the board; terrazzo flooring from Italy, granite security benches, stone check-in counters, durable yet comfortable coach hide leather seats, tailor made light fittings, engineered security solutions, custom glazed aerobridges and bronze sculptures.

With over 55,000m2 of terminal building and a 24 hour airport it was a crucial feature that the new terminal was one of the most carbon friendly in Australia. This environmentally sustainable development uses a combination of initiatives in water and energy saving.

The roof of the new terminal can harvest a massive 1.3 million litres of water that is used in toilets, air-conditioning and landscape irrigation. Energy is saved by the use of two tri-generation plants that produce electricity on-site from gas and capture the waste heat to cool and heat the building. This has reduced the building’s carbon emissions by 75 per cent compared to the old terminal facility.

Our new terminal also uses waste recycling, fuel reduction and fully programmable low energy fittings to reduce its environmental footprint.