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Introspection by Ante Dabro

“Introspection”, a life-size bronze sculpture of two women sitting, is the creation of Canberra Airport’s sculptor-in-residence and world-renowned figurative sculptor, Ante Dabro. Ante now has a total of five pieces in the Airport and adjacent Brindabella Business Park.

“When I was asked to create a work for the departure lounge, immediately I knew it had to be of the right scale to blend in with the people passing through, waiting for planes, and to be very much part of the life going on around them,” Dabro said.

“I thought about how they would sit, how people would relate to them, sit near them, touch them, and how the passengers would respond to that interaction.”

You will find “Introspection” in the departure lounge adjacent to Gate 10.

Introspection by Ante Dabro
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