Dropping-off and picking-up

Dropping-off & picking-up

Passenger drop-off

Passengers can be dropped off along the upper roadway, a short walk to the upper level Departures Hall and airline check-in points.

Free 10-Minute Passenger Pick-Up

The Free 10-Minute Pick-Up area is located in our RED Outdoor Car Park, a two-minute walk from the Arrivals Hall.

Vehicles can park in the dedicated bays for up to 10 minutes for free. Vehicles that stay longer than 10 minutes, will pay normal parking rates.

Obtain a ticket as normal from the entry boom gate to the car park and park in the designated Free 10-Minute Pick-Up bays. Insert the same ticket at the exit point, within 10 minutes from entry to the car park, to exit without charge. If you stay beyond the free 10 minutes, proceed to the pay machines located in the car park and pay the normal parking rate.

View map to see location for the Free 10 Minute Pick-Up parking bays.

Express Passenger Pick-up

The Express Pick-Up Lounge is located on the ground floor of the GREEN Indoor Car Park just a short, 20 metre, covered walk from the Arrivals Hall. Follow the signs to “Express Pick-Up Lounge”.

The close proximity to the terminal makes this lounge ideal for those who are short on time. It includes the comforts of a dedicated waiting lounge should your pick-up be late. Use of the Express Passenger Pick-up lounge attracts a small fee. See our parking rates for details.


Take an entry ticket and pay your nominated fee at the pay machines provided. Or take advantage of our ticketless parking. On entering the car park, tap or insert your credit card at the entry boom gate and enter the same credit card into the exit boom gate as you leave.


As a passenger you can meet your collector in the baggage hall or in the car park. Alternatively, if they haven’t arrived yet, you can wait in the comfort of our Express Pick-up Waiting Lounge.

View map to see location for the Express Pick-up parking bays.

Ticketless parking

NO CASH, NO TICKET, NO FUSS. On entering the car park, simply tap or insert your credit card at the entry boom-gate instead of taking a ticket. When leaving the car park, tap or insert the same credit card, a receipt is provided, and the boom-gate opens for you to exit.

Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Diner’s Club are all accepted. If you expect your fee to be more than $100, or you are using Amex or Diner’s Club cards, please insert your card instead of tapping to pay.

We still offer ticketed parking options too. If you would like to pay with cash, please take a ticket upon entering at the boom-gate and pay at the pay machines before exiting the car park. The pay machines accept all coins except 5 cent coins, and all notes except $100 notes – change is given and receipts can be issued by the pay machines. Your paid ticket will allow you to exit the car park.

If you would like to pay by credit card at the pay machines or at the exit gate, please take a ticket upon entering at the boom-gate.