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The Snow Family has always had a commitment to excellence in the field of business and philanthropy. An entrepreneurial spirit and the ability to take sensible measured risk with a bold long-term vision has been the key to the success of Canberra Airport, the Snow Foundation, and other ventures of Terry Snow and his family. 

Terry and the family wanted to expand these values and entrepreneurial culture to support the next generation of exceptional, visionary biomedical medical research leaders, with a focus on those in early- to mid-career. While the high quality of Australia’s biomedical research community is recognised globally, they know that for even the best researchers and their teams, significant and long-term sustainable funding is needed to stay globally competitive.  

They see brilliant researchers stuck in short term funding cycles, which limits their ability to have the bold vision required for extraordinary research. They want to break that cycle. 

To find out more visit https://snowmedical.org.au/

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