Equality Matters - Together #WeCanDoThis

Equality Matters - Together #WeCanDoThis

Equality Matters - Together #WeCanDoThis

13 August 2015

Canberra Airport will continue to maintain its rainbow light show until Sunday and is adding “Together” to its #WeCanDoThis sign to call for a new, open and collaborative direction on marriage equality.

“Marriage equality should be above politics and divisiveness,” said Tom Snow, who launched the Airport’s campaign for marriage equality last Sunday.

“In lighting up Canberra Airport in rainbow colours, we were bringing to politicians’ attention the deep, positive and strong feelings of the vast majority of the community in support of marriage equality.

“While it is clear that around 70 percent of Australians support marriage equality, it is also clear that many of our political representatives and the business community are showing increasing support for equality.

“The extraordinary debate in the Coalition Party Room which reportedly went for more than six hours is evidence that our elected representatives are taking the issue very seriously. It is historic that 33 MPs in that room supported a free vote. We congratulate them.

“However, short term political tactics will not beat the sensible long term grassroots momentum for equality.

“While I don’t support a plebiscite because we don’t need one to achieve marriage equality – this can be done by the Parliament – I am not afraid of giving Australians a direct voice in this.

“If there is a plebiscite, then it is absolutely critical that the process and the question be set by the parliament and not by a small minority.

“Until Australian law recognises all Australians as equal, Canberra Airport and the Snow Family will continue to strive to achieve marriage equality. And we ask all supporters of marriage equality to do the same in an open and collaborative manner.

“I would say to the community and our elected representatives who had the courage to stand up to be counted in favour of supporting the marriage equality bill: thank you. Your actions say to gay and lesbian Australians: You are equal. You matter.

“Together, we can do this.”

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