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Canberra Airport is genuinely pleased to be a partner for Fashfest.
After 100 years, we believe it is time for Canberra to step up and take its place on the global stage as a national capital of which Australians can be justifiably proud. It is time to shed Canberra’s “big country town” image. Having a worldclass airport and a world-class fashion show demonstrate how far this city has come and how much it has to offer.
The very staging of this show speaks volumes about the sophistication and maturity of our city. It says: “We have arrived”. ”We are a city with world class architecture, art and design”.
The catchcry for the Centenary of Canberra is “One very big year” and here at Canberra Airport that has certainly been the case. Our vision for Canberra Airport has been to build the best small airport in the world. The day after Canberra’s 100th birthday, less than a month ago, we opened this Western Concourse Terminal. By mid year the international facilities will be ready for operation and by the end of 2013 the remaining works around the precinct will be completed.
Fashfest has been driven by local Canberra entrepreneurship and vision; qualities and to all those involved, we salute you.
Supporting Fashfest means we are able support the promotion of local Canberra designers and entrepreneurs. That is a philosophy close to our hearts, as a family that has lived in Canberra for generations and built up our business here.
And we are committed to Fashfest for the long haul, not just in 2013 but in the years to come, because we believe that young talent needs to be fostered and supported over time, building a culture of achievement.
The Fashfest vision articulated by Clinton and his team has been to take people to places they could not ordinarily go and show them what they couldn’t ordinarily see. It is in that spirit, that I am pleased to announce the venue for Fashfest this year, a location that few Fashfest guests will ever experience again, and one that will never be repeated. That venue is…No 3 Molonglo Drive, Brindabella Business Park, just 500 metres from where we are standing right now and it will be transformed into Canberra’s first Fashfest spectacular.
It is a huge venue with a massive atrium and a modern industrial look and in its raw form, but set especially for Fashfest, No 3 Molonglo will be a magnificent backdrop to showcase Canberra’s fashion talent in this inaugural event.
After Fashfest, No. 3 Molonglo will revert to its intended function as state-of-theart, five star office accommodation, so Fashfest 2013 is truly a one-off experience, and for us, a great opportunity to share the Canberra Airport vision with people who might not otherwise experience it.
And as for where we will hold Fashfest in 2014…well, you’ll just have to come back next year to find out!
Clinton, Andrea, and the whole team, congratulations and, again, we are delighted to be a partner in Fashfest.
For media inquiries please contact Jane Seaborne – 0414 829 282.

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