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Jemma Delamont
Jemma Delamont | 2 years ago

Canberra, we need your help

After the devastating fire season, businesses and communities across Australia are suffering. For Canberra, that means businesses shutting their doors, jobs being lost, and an impact being felt across the city. Our restaurants, our hotels, our attractions and more need your help.

There are so many Canberrans who rely on visitors to survive, and we’re asking you to help stop this environmental tragedy from becoming an economic one.

We’re asking you to play tourist in your city. Discover somewhere new. Explore hidden gems. Book a staycation.

#HolidayHereThisYear and enjoy our beautiful city while supporting all the incredible people who call this place home.

And remember, the rest of Australia is OPEN FOR BUSINESS too. So grab your mates, take an empty esky and a full heart and head to the bush, the beach and the city. Start planning now.

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