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Canberra Airport
Canberra Airport | 4 years ago

From 30 June 2018, people travelling internationally will notice some changes to how they are screened in Australia.  Passengers will be required to present all powders in their carry-on baggage separately for screening at the international screening point. This does not apply to domestic flights or domestic screening points.

Inorganic powders will be restricted to volumes less than 350ml per passenger in the aircraft cabin on departing flights. Inorganic powders include things such as sand, salt, talcum powder and some types of make-up. You cannot tip powders out to fall under the 350ml/gm threshold as the restriction is calculated on total container volume.

There is no quantity restriction for organic powders such as food products, therapeutic and medical products (travelling with a medical certificate is suggested), powdered baby formula, coffee and sugar.

For more information about duty-free purchases, handling powders at screening points, powders in checked baggage, or further information about different types of powders and the rules that now apply, please check the TravelSECURE website before you travel.

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