Celebrating International Women's Day

Celebrating International Women's Day

Celebrating International Women's Day

06 March 2020

As Canberra comes to life with inspiration and events for International Women’s Day this week, here at Capital Airport Group we’ll also be celebrating the phenomenal women who help make every aspect of our business a success.

Let us take you behind the scenes to meet three of the 68 women we welcome to work every single day.

Momota To’uli | Security Coordinator, Operations

Is there a better way to celebrate International Women’s Day than with a gourmet breakfast with your mum and sister? That’s how Momota To’uli, a Security Coordinator on the Aviation side of our business, plans to start her day on Tuesday.

“I’m a very family-orientated person and I love working for a family-owned business,” Momota says.

“I’m all about respecting and delivering the core values of the business throughout my day.”

Up close with Momota

Who inspires you?

My late grandmother is and always has been my biggest inspiration in life, to always “do my best and let God do the rest”.

Tracie Williams, one of my colleagues, is a woman who inspires me within the business. She reminds me constantly of my self-worth/importance and morals of being a woman.

What’s something hardly anyone knows about you?

I’m a Pacific Islander allergic to coconut!

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

Honoring and acknowledging the achievements of all women.


Stacey King | Executive Assistant and Office Manager

When she’s not providing first-class to support to Capital Airport Group’s CFO and Head of Property, Stacey King is running across the Nullarbor.

Well, virtually that is.

“I’m currently completing Run Down Under – a virtual run around Australia,” Stacey says.

“So far I’ve run from Canberra to the Mueller Ranges in WA.”

Up close with Stacey

Who inspires you?

I’m inspired by a number of EAs and advocates of my profession who are driving real change, educating and challenging the perception of the EA role; Rhiannon Ward, Michelle Bowditch, Phoenix Normand and Lucy Brazier.

What do you love about working for Capital Airport Group?

I love that this organisation challenges you to be creative and forward-thinking – it’s a company that empowers its staff to develop professionally. I love that the company’s values are evident in how and why we do the work we do. It’s great to work in a culture that pursues excellence.

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?    

It’s an opportunity to recognise women’s achievements and their contribution to the community.


Nony Edwards | Assistant Project Manager, Capital Estate Developments

Celebrating International Women's Day

For Nony, the inspiration for her career and life, in general, comes in the form of her late grandmother, a “strong woman” who travelled extensively solo.

“She worked hard during her life,” Nony says.

“She volunteered her time towards organisations and stood up for causes and people that she valued in both South Africa and Australia.

“Oh – and she loved watching the occasional rugby union test match too.

“I hope I can live up to her memory and be an independent strong woman that she can be proud of.” 

Up close with Nony

What’s it like being a woman in the property industry?

While it’s definitely seen as a male-dominated industry, I’ve found that as a woman I bring a unique perspective to the projects I work on. Yes, I turn up to worksites in boots and high-vis over my corporate dress, but I’m knowledgeable and when I don’t know something, I ask. I generally receive respect from within the industry without having to demand it.

What does your day-to-work look like at Capital Estate Developments?

I work in the team that coordinates and project manages the design and construction of landscape and civil estate works at Denman Prospect. Essentially, we manage the design and construction of the sewer and water pipes, gas, electrical servicing and roads in the suburb. We then try and make it beautiful again through landscape sculptures and providing public amenity to make it a nice place to live.

What are the elements of a remarkable suburb like Denman?

Firstly, the community. Our suburb wouldn’t be anything without our residents. It’s lovely to see friendships blossoming and the community starting to develop their own connection to the suburb.

Secondly, our ongoing commitment to the residents in Denman. We’re not selling land and leaving. We’re there for the ongoing support of our residents, and to help lobby and work with the government to provide better facilities to the residents of Denman Prospect and the Greater Molonglo Valley.