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Canberra Airport
Canberra Airport | 4 years ago

One of our favourite sculptures, ‘Journeys’ by Phil Price, has returned from rejuvenation treatment and reinstalled at the entrance to the airport.

The restoration process was undertaken by a unique team including the artist, terminal staff, fabricators, boatbuilders and panel beaters.

Dismantling the carbon-fibre, wind-activated kinetic sculpture and its 22 moving joints took several weeks by our team along with the artist, Phil Price, requiring specialised tools and sockets.  Once dismantled, trolleys were designed and built to allow the sections (weighting between 50kg – 300kg) to rotate and be worked on easily. When on trolleys, each section was stripped back, and repairs made to the carbon fibre base in preparation for undercoating and finishing coats of top paint.

Final components of the sculpture are being reinstalled and ‘Journeys’ will continue to welcome visitors with its mesmerizing flowing motion.

Images: ‘Journeys’ restoration process; component on specialised tool; repairs to carbon fibre base; ready for undercoating and finishing coats of top paint.

'Journeys' restoration process








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