Tralee Dispute Resolved

Tralee Dispute Resolved

Tralee Dispute Resolved

24 July 2013

Canberra Airport has written to the NSW Planning Minister advising him that Canberra Airport and the Village Building Company (VBC) have reached an agreement on their differences concerning the development at Tralee.

The letter to the Minister states that Canberra Airport accepts residential development occurring at Tralee, and on adjacent land to the south-west, outside of the current 20 ANEF Contour, in accordance with his decision on 6 November 2012.

Canberra Airport is pleased that we can now put this decade-long dispute behind us.

Every one of our actions during this period has been aimed at protecting the community from aircraft noise and in ensuring the curfew-free status of Canberra Airport as a critical link in Australia’s national transport infrastructure. We are now satisfied that future Tralee residents and existing residents of Canberra and Queanbeyan will be protected and that Canberra Airport’s curfew-free status will be maintained through:

VBC agreeing to purchasers at Tralee being warned about aircraft noise, being advised of Canberra Airport’s 24 hour operations and not being subject to a curfew, through VBC requesting Queanbeyan Council to include Section 149 Planning Certificates on title saying:

“This land is subjected to aircraft noise at any time by the 24 hour/7 day passenger, freight and defence aircraft flight operations arriving and departing Canberra Airport. The frequency of aircraft movements and the size of aircraft are forecast to increase indefinitely into the future. It is the responsibility of landowners to noise attenuate their property to ensure their amenity as Canberra Airport will remain curfew free.”

VBC agreeing to include the above clause in sales contracts and requiring acknowledgement by purchasers, as well as a commitment from them that the acknowledgement must be included in any subsequent sales contracts.VBC agreeing to insulate all homes in Tralee in accordance with Table 3.3 of AS2021 (as if they were within the 20 ANEF).The NSW Government’s stated commitment to Canberra Airport’s curfew-free status including the fact that there will be no residential development within the ANEF 20.

For our part, Canberra Airport acknowledges that VBC will take full ownership of Tralee.

There will be no further comment to the media beyond this release.