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Jemma Delamont
Jemma Delamont | 2 years ago

This summer Canberra Airport, like many other cities, has experienced hazardous smoke across the airport. During these low visibility days,  we receive an influx of phone calls and messages through social media asking ‘Is the airport is closed or will my flight be cancelled?’.

Here’s three easy ways to stay informed, receive the latest news from Canberra Airport and discover handy travel tips.

Visit our website

We have a live feed with the current status of each flight on our homepage. The information is fed directly into this live fed by the airlines and is our reference for any flight status information. View live status on the Arrivals & Departures tab. 


Follow us on Facebook & twitter

Stay informed and follow us on our social channels. We post updates on Facebook and twitter, pinned to the top each page.

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Contact your Airline

Airlines are the best placed to answer questions about individual flight status (including delays and cancellations) and can respond to your particular situation.

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