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Jemma Delamont
Jemma Delamont | 3 years ago

Visitors to Canberra Airport departure lounge will see a large blue box installed within the main atrium. It is the work of Tom Buckland, a Canberra-based sculptor and a collector of found objects with which he creates imaginary worlds heavily influenced by a fascination with fantasy, science fiction and a refined joyful touch of bizarre.

Created in collaboration with the University of Canberra, the aim was to create an enormous artwork expressing love for everything Canberra.  So, thinking outside of the box, they decided to create something surprising inside it.

The art installation comprises of 12 unique artworks. To view the art, visitors peer into peepholes to discover an extraordinary world within. Each diorama holds something a little bit quirky, a little bit Canberra, and a whole lot of fun.

Curious? Before you take off or after you land, take a peek, be surprised and feel inspired.

Thanks Tom Buckland for sharing your world with us.


Artist – Tom Buckland: Born and raised in central western Australia, Tom Buckland studied visuals through TAFE before moving to Canberra in 2012 and graduating from the Australian National University School of Art with honours in 2015. Buckland deals in a correspondence of imaginary worlds, his work is heavily influenced by a fascination with fantasy and science fiction and topped off with a refined joyful absurdism. Buckland is a voracious bricolagist and collector of found objects with which he creates work that is emphatically process-orientated, proudly displaying a unique DIY spirit. He also plays with audience interaction demolishing the invisible barrier between onlooker and artwork. Buckland has exhibited widely across Australia.

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