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Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) is the government body that regulates Australian aviation safety.

CASA has developed drone/remotely piloted aircraft safety rules for both commercial and recreation pursuits.

The drone safety rules vary depending on whether you are flying commercially or for fun (recreationally).

CASA’s rules for operating a UAV/drone state, If your drome weights more than 100 grams you must keep your drone at least 5.5km (3 Nautical Miles) away from a controlled aerodrome (an aerodrome with an Air Traffic Control Tower like at Canberra Airport).

Please click on the below link which will provide you with a map that clearly outlines the 5.5km exclusion zone around Canberra Airport where you cannot operate a UAV/drone. 

Civil Aviation Safety Authority UAV/drone flight exclusion zone near Canberra Airport

For further information please visit the below CASA website.




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